16 Июня 2016

Official statement MOO PSFT

In connection with yesterday's decision of the Board of FC "Volga" to lift the club from the competition union players and coaches drawn to the club and the RFU with the proposal to maintain the professional status of FC "Volga".

In a statement, the club's management says that "FC" Volga "is constantly subjected to sanctions: Currently there is a ban on registration of new players there are in the upcoming season tournament points write-off risks. At the same time short-handed team - on existing contracts, only 11 players remain at the club. These circumstances make it futile performances of the team in the future. "

However, provided information about the club is that there are extremely large debts to foreign agents unreliable players.

In fact, 80% of the debt now constitute debts to the players on the non-enforcement of the jurisdictional organs of the RFU and FIFA, as well as debts on wages and bonuses to the players and the coaching staff for the past season.

We offer as soon as possible, together with the leadership of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the union players and coaches and representatives of creditors to form a management team of FC "Volga" to save the club professional status, to resolve the situation for the lifting of sanctions on the part of the RAF, the restructuring of existing debt and to create conditions for the successful performance of the club in the First Division.

We are absolutely sure that the football club "Volga" will come out of the crisis and retain professional status, while ensuring the financing of the club in the 2015/16 season, the level and the right management decisions.