About us

The union is an organization of professional principle group of workers in a sector, the union makes it possible to collectively negotiate with the employer acute and urgent problems, such as - the timely payment of lifting, salary, bonus, pension and insurance contributions for permission to move to another club employment contract termination, etc.

Interregional Public Organization union players and coaches of Russia was established in 2005 by leading Russian players such as Andrei Arshavin, Aleksandr Ryazantsev, Roman Pavlyuchenko, Igor Semshov, Sergei Semak and Vladimir Leonchenko and others to protect the professional interests of the players and coaches. Many of them have experienced a situation where their rights are infringed upon, and required a lot of effort to defend its interests. The activities of the trade union applies to the coaching staff, as very often, and the coach is in a situation where their rights are violated.

Our union recognized by FIFPro (International Union of players) is in constant contact with the football unions of other countries, which in Europe alone, there are about 40.

We will help you navigate the world of football and get the support and help!